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As a New Jersey General Contractor company, we offer carpentry and construction services to suite any residential or commercial needs. Whether you need basic home improvement services; full home remodeling; exterior construction; commercial carpentry work or something else, we can provide a professional team of experts to complete your project and exceed expectations.
“Our craftsmen are highly trained individuals who are dedicated and have the knowledge and experience to meet your expectations.

What we can do

Our complete New Jersey carpentry and construction services include:

Complete home-remodeling services for interior and exterior. We have the experience and expertise to make sure you get the new interior or exterior home remodel of your dreams.
Fully Insured & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Service

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Bathroom remodeling services
Our expert home-remodeling contractors are ready for any bathroom-remodeling project. Get cabinetry, design, electrical, plumbing, tub installation, and more in your remodel.

Sheetrock and drywall services, including taping and spackling
Whether you need us to finish a basement, repair a wall, or put up a new wall, you can count on us to get your Sheetrock and drywall projects done.

Kitchen-remodeling services
We don’t stop at just replacing old faucets. Our kitchen-remodeling expertise includes countertop installation, tile flooring, new sinks, lighting, custom cabinets, and wall repair.

Water-damage repairs and plaster repairs
Accidents and the weather can wreak havoc on your interior walls. Whether it’s a big job or small, our team will repair any wall damage you may have.

Wainscoting and chair-rail installation
You can trust that our team of insured and qualified craftsmen can provide beautiful visual elements to any room in the form of wainscoting and chair-rail installation.

Crown molding, door replacements, and designer trim
Add that finishing touch to your home improvement project by having us install crown molding, new doors, and designer trim.

Basement waterproofing
Avoid moisture seeping into your home that can cause smells, mold, and damage. Get quality waterproofing for your basement so you don’t have to worry every time it rains.

Staining and refinishing decks, patios, and fences
Staining and refinishing decks, patios, and fences
Improve the look and life of your deck, patio, or outdoor fences with a team of experts that knows proper maintenance and care.

French drains and sump pumps
Keep your basement dry with a waterproofing system that works. With a French drain or sump pump, you’ll get the right drainage to keep water damage away.

Residential and commercial carpentry work
From building cabinets and bookcases to wooden countertops, our skilled carpenters are here to help you get the job done.

Historic restoration
If you need to preserve, restore, or update a historic building, let our skilled professionals take the lead. We know the local regulations, complexities, and standards needed to complete historic restoration projects.

Vinyl-siding installations
Give your exterior a makeover with a vinyl-siding installation. We can do both vinyl-siding repairs and installation so your home looks as good as new.

Partial or complete sanding
We can sand anything to perfection in your home or commercial building with state-of-the-art equipment and licensed individuals.

Refinishing aluminum siding and vinyl siding
Don’t worry about refinishing or painting your aluminum and vinyl siding on your own. Our professionals will make sure you get a beautiful finish to your home.

Roofing replacement and repairs
Whether you’ve experienced storm damage or just normal wear and tear, we’ll make sure any roofing issues are fixed. We can handle leaky roofs, damaged shingles, wind damage, and more.

Building of sheds, garages, porches, steps, wooden additions, and adding a level
Protect your car and items from the climate with a solid structure built by certified professionals.

Window and door replacements
We can do full window and door replacements or minor repairs to make sure they’re fully functional and secure.

Handyman services
We can handle a wide variety of repairs around your home. Leave your repairs or maintenance work up to the experts.

Deck construction
Give your home and family extra living space with a beautiful deck. Whether it’s made out of wood or composite material, we’ve got you covered.

Masonry, patios, steps, and sidewalks
If you need to spruce up your backyard or front yard, we’ll make sure you get results. Our team of masonry experts can work with concrete, brick, slate, patio tiles, and more.

Home-improvement services
If you need a home-improvement project done the right way, we’re up for the job. Our most common home-improvement services involve window replacement, cabinets, countertops, flooring, and HVAC.